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Lady's shoes
Simple and modern, show the intellectual beauty of urban women.
Men's shoes
The quality of enjoyment, the creation of delicate and easy urban gentleman.
Comfortable, quality, new style, various kinds of products, quick update

about us
Wenzhou jian cheng shoes co., LTD., founded in January 8, 2014, located in zhejiang wenzhou ouhai district road tian industrial base town south road on the 8th, is a set design, development, production and sales of high-grade men's and women's leather shoes in a type of production of foreign trade enterprises. Company existing staff 450, including more than 180 professional and technical personnel, has introduced the five shoemaking production lines with international leading level, now has annual output of 200 Wan Shuangzhong, high-grade men's and women's leather shoes. The organization of the company is perfect, the internal management standard, and the various functional departments can complete the work in strict accordance with the iso9001:2000 system standard. Internal with extremely strict quality inspection system and detection means, strictly the quality pass, to ensure that product qualification rate reached more than 99%, external marketing point in setting up to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. At present, the company sales network all over the world, because of good quality, good reputation, products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, Germany and Africa, southeast Asia, America and other countries, in the same industry in a leading position.

In recent years, the company take the market as the guidance, pay attention to product development innovation, the design development and production of variety of men's shoes is gentleman shoes, casual shoes, sandals, cotton shoes, variety of women's shoes is fashion shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals, etc., including men's and women's cotton shoes, single shoes, sandals more features of fashion, leisure, with comfortable, quality, novel styles, a wide range of product updates fast, timely meet the needs of the consumers, favored by customers, the market expanded dramatically, sales continued to climb, ahead of peers, the industry of Xiao Xiao.

With the development of the enterprise, the company is in line with the concept of "people-oriented, pursuit of excellence", and continuously provides customers with high-quality and high-quality services. Looking to the future, the company will fully implementing the quality management system, and import the humanization and institutionalization of combining the management pattern, vigorously promote enterprise's management level, make health truly international brand, make greater contribution to the development of shoe industry of China.
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